Tips for Winning More Playing Slots Online

If you want to win more money, or for that matter, any money, playing slots online, then you have to be willing to make a few changes to your game play that will yield the biggest results. If you are tired of having to make deposits week after week, here are a few things to consider that will transform your luck and put you in position to start raking in much bigger jackpots this week.

Learn to Study Your Prey

The reason most online gamblers lose their shirts at the online slot machines is because they are too easily distracted by all the animated video features. Games with cool graphics and multi-level bonus features hook the player before they even have the chance to see if this is a game worth playing. What I mean by worth playing is that the pay for certain symbols lining up should be better than average, but these players are drawn to games that traditionally pay the least. Stop and look at the pay table for any slot and keep track of the top pay lines. You might be surprised you are wasting your time on a game with a top prize of $300 where the same win on the next machine pays $3,000 instead.

Learn to Take a Break

The next biggest mistake many only slot players make is that they simply stay in the game too long. They may have a number in mind when they lose to stop playing, but the sky is the limit when they win. So here is what happens to these players time after time. They win a few hundred, then they keep riding that high but they start losing, to make up that win, they double the bets, lose faster, and before they know it, they bottom out. Click on judi online casino for more details.